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Now offering genealogy services for a very modest fee!

Have you ever wondered about your ancestry? You may be surprised at who you will find in your family tree! We have recently discovered that our family's lineage leads back to King Edward I, commonly known as 'Longshanks'! Who would have ever thought?!

Sarah Sumpter is a budding genealogist who's love of family histories and searching them out has brought about this site. She is now offering her services at very modest prices compared to others in the field. It has become one of her passions to locate people who have faded into the past and re-unite them with those of the present.

The photos featured on this site are of Sarah's ancestors! What treasures ... to be able to look at the faces of her lineage! Priceless!

And now you can learn about your family and perhaps locate photos of your ancestors for a very modest fee!

You can begin your search for only    $ 35 for the first four People and  $ 5 for each additional family member! Each new name will be accompanied with information discovered during the search. Please visit 'Our Product' and 'Pricing' to find out more.






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